What is a 1:45er you ask? It’s those odd balls you see at the club right before closing. You know that chick who has thrown two sheets to the wind and is just waiting for someone, anyone, to throw her a look of approval for a continuation of her dazed and happy good time. That’s how the snook were for me today. I caught literally 9/10 I sight casted which was 9/11 that I saw. Only one was slot at 28” on the nose though, the rest were 18-24”. I could not find any slobs. Using doa jerk shads, white paddle tails, exoswims in white. I also caught several early on topwater using a yo-zuri hydro pencil. Most of my paddle tail bites were impact strikes. What I noticed was had I not seen the strike, I would not have known to set the hook. They would grab it and just sit. Kinda like if I get that free meal (drink) I’ll take it, but I know I shouldn’t. Then there were the blue fish and jacks. Like the creepy dude wearing stone wash jeans one size too tight, drenched in his endless supply of Drakkar cologne, ready to fight or find passion with whatever person has thrown too many sheets to the wind, they were pouncing on anything in front of their faces. Anything thrown outside of the shade line was like the last call light where they knew it was time to strike. All in all it was non stop action. The weather today left you guys no excuses so let’s see some reports. I hope y’all slayed them.