black drum

I need to start this report off with an urgent message so that we don’t lose our right to fish or access to boat ramps. Please comply with the social distancing guidelines in place. Brevard County is one of the few places with no boat ramp closures yet, but failure to comply could shut the ramps down. It could even cause a statewide fishing ban like Washington or Oregon. I know a lot of you, myself include, strongly disagree with closing boat ramps and fishing. The guidelines are simple though. Don’t hang out on spoil islands or sandbars. Keep at least 50ft from other vessels on the water. It’s standard fishing etiquette, anyways. Don’t chit chat at the boat ramps, and use common sense. The virus is serious, but fishing doesn’t spread it when we use common sense.

Back to the fun stuff, the fishing is still excellent. It sounds like a broken record ever since Hurricane Dorian basically. I only got out twice this week. Both time produced some baby tarpon, but it has yet to improve to summer levels. They can’t resist a live finger mullet in low light, but they get pickier in the day time. I enjoy catching them on light tackle. The big black drum are still around, but the numbers of them are less this week. The time I tried produced 2 catches and 2 lost fish. Mark the school, then drop a blue crab or shrimp on their nose. There are a lot of little jacks in the same area right now. The bigger lagoon tarpon are starting to show near any bait pods on ledges, but there aren’t many yet. The flats are turning on, and the canals are keeping steady action. The wind this week could be tough at times as well.

Check out the videos, and good luck if you go.