canaveral dolphin fishing

The fishing on Friday was very good. We made a long run out deep at the crack of dawn. The amberjack fishing would have been absolutely epic had the elusive sandbar sharks not been so thick. Fish vertical jigs or live bait over large, deep structures with heavy spinning or conventional gear. If they are around, you will mark them sometimes more than 100 feet off the bottom. Reel as fast as you can once they show up. They will be a good target as long as the current stays light like it has ever since Dorian.

There was one slight rip and color break with no weeds that came by as we were amberjack fishing, and we sure did get lucky. Always be prepared with at least one pitching rod per person. I would not count on good trolling, but it could be worth a shot. Probably the best thing to do is to stop and float some live baits if you find something.

The vermillion snapper bite really slowed down from last time, but there are still a few out there. Unfortunately, the weather does not look very good offshore except maybe Friday with a big boat.

We were able to tuck into the Canaveral Bight on Saturday and the mullet run was in full force (by Canaveral standards). We caught a blacktip shark, had more hooked up, lots of jacks, and some bluefish on this pod of mullet getting absolutely slammed. The only thing absent was tarpon like most of this year. The video will be coming out sometime in the future.

The lagoon was a giant dump to us on Sunday, but I have been catching a few nice fish up close to the mangroves. You basically have to cast 10ft into the mangroves without getting snagged. If you do fish the lagoon, please practice catch & release as well as proper handling. Also, please refrain from full throttling next to a kayak fisherman or any angler for that matter.