vermillion snapper

An awesome trip aboard the 🔥 Fire Fight with Capt. Joe! 35 Vermillion Snapper (including one over 20″), Trigger, Alamacos, and loads of Kings.

8A and Pelican. That’s what you need to know for the week. As of lately, it has been one, or the other — or both. Honestly, it’s just the luck of the draw. Kings, Mahi, and Sails are all in full force. Here’s the secret trick… Get either live bait or spin frozen cigar minnows. Shhhhhh! Don’t tell anyone! LOL. Bunker have been plentiful all week and if you manage to get them in your cast net, your set for the day; if you can’t, don’t stress, the fish have also been eating on frozen. From there, just get into some nice and easy slow trolling. You do not need to be gunning at 8 knots pulling ballyhoo. Literally, everything out there eats a live bunker. With that said, please don’t be trolling the reefs throwing a wake. There is no need for more than 2 knots. With the current lately, you can drift the reef. Yes, its ripping at 3-4 knots from the south. Why, you might ask? I have no idea, but it’s certainly odd. It’s also making it nearly impossible to bottom fish, so stick with the slow trolling.

Good luck and get out there!