golden snook

Golden Snook caught in the canal.

This week, due to an algae bloom, the water got very dirty and green — especially in the northern Indian River. To avoid this, my dad and I went south of the power lines, and the water looked a lot better. With the water being very low, most of the bigger fish were under the docks a little deeper. There were still fish in the mangroves, but much smaller.

We were also sight fishing a little. I think some of the fish moved out of the mangroves and into the open because it was too shallow for comfort. All we caught down that way was snook and jack with all of the snook ranging from 20-25 inches. Nothing bigger was even seen.

After that, we moved into the Banana River where we found a lot of big snook under one single dock. There were a couple smaller ones which, of course, ate before the big ones. My dad caught a 22 inch snook and then lost one which seemed like a slot. It ran perfectly parallel with the mangroves and then took one hard turn into them and ended up breaking off. I caught one more mid-twenty inch snook from the same spot but then they vanished.

We then moved into the Satellite canals where we caught one redfish and one snook under a mangrove and a dock. The redfish was 22 inches and the snook was about 24 inches. The snook was a really cool, golden bronze color which unfortunately is likely due to the algae in the water.

The tarpon weren’t out like they have been the past month, but there are still tons of mullet moving through. Most of the mullet are either three to four inches or very big like 10 to 12 inches.