Mickey got some nice Trout and Snook inshore!

It was a pretty good week despite the heavy winds and rain. Down south, the water is extremely dirty. This is a result of the north winds last week blowing the algae bloom from the northern part of the lagoon down to the inlet. The only blessing is that we have the water flushed two times a day out through the inlet, so it pulls out the dirty water and pushes some clean water in.

To add to the algae that was pushed down with the wind, all of the rain and the opening of the locks in all of the local creeks has brought a lot of fresh water into the lagoon. The dirty water makes it hard to find the bait pods, but we were able to find some decent fish this week regardless. We saw our first few schools of big mullet come into the lagoon, but the schools are much smaller that they should be. Jacks and sharks are following the schools into the lagoon and the action is strong if you can stay on the fast moving schools. We’ve been doing well with live finger mullet and shrimp in the lagoon catching some nice inshore snook and trout and a few flounder.

Looking forward to the winds calming down a little next week to get off the beach for the tarpon and sharks.