fired up charters

Scallop Hammers, Black Tips , Fine Tooth’s and a Limit of 12 Kings to match Aboard the 🔥 Fire Fight with Capt Joe t

It was an amazing week fishing offshore. Finally, we could get out there and do what we do. Nearshore shark fishing has been absolutely insane. Hammerheads, Blacktips, tigers, bulls and Sandbars. All close to shore and theres so many they have been eating each other. We even saw a great white! Kings have been firing with limits daily and some pushing 30lbs. Live bait, particularly bunker, is the best bet. The Maui Maui have been chewing on the minnows, as well. Sails and blackfin Tuna are around in the mix, too. You dont need to do anything other than troll the reefs. Everything is there eating the same baits. Good luck and go kill a few!