fall mullet migration

Fall is arriving quick and so are the mullet! Every fall anglers across the entire coast get amped up for the mullet migration. The mullet run typically consists of a plethora of bait fish and, as most know, the big fish follow the little fish! The mullet run can be incredible and makes a plethora of species available, including Spanish mackerel, bluefish, jacks, snook, tarpon, sharks and much more. It’s an awesome sight to see!

Although this all sounds great, the mullet run can be difficult to fish at times. That’s because with thousands of baitfish, it’s hard to make your own bait stand out! The best advice I can give is to be patient and I myself have better luck on larger mullet style artificial baits such as Rapala skitterwalks, Hogy swimbaits and sub surface plugs like the Rapala x rap. Darker colors are always my “go to.” This way you can make your bait stand out but still match the hatch as closely as possible. Anglers can also target these massive pods of bait using large mullet, live or chunks depending your desired species.

I highly suggest everyone take advantage of this time of year and get out and enjoy some incredible fishing.