bass fishing report

Well that was a very warm winter we had this year — if you wanna really call it winter! With that said, the Bass really had no idea when they were supposed to have their key Spawn. It was very spread out, to say the least. I got one the other day that was close to eight 8 1/2 pounds and her belly was fat, which that means they’re not all finished yet.

We have a couple of key moons coming up — a new moon March 24 and a full moon on April 7. If any of them haven’t finish spawning those are probably be the key moons to fish around to hopefully get one on the bed or with a big bellies. Early mornings and later in the day are prime times to fish as water temperatures are starting to climb. The better lures of choice for us have been a Yo Zuri topwater Prop bait lure and a Heddon Tiny Torpedoes. On the soft bait, try a Gambler Burner worm or a Gambler EZ Swimmer in the Junebug colts, which are getting the bites, too.

By the time my next report comes around I hope to have a great Bluegill report for you. Enjoy our waters and EASY DAYS to you all.