bass topwater

Make it short and sweet on the waters as by 10am it’s as I say, it’s “AFRICA HOT” outside by then. The early morning bite is still your best bet for a productive time.

I started off the other day at 3 Forks Marsh with intentions of throwing flies at a willing creature and this approach did not let me down. Bluegill was my real target, but the bass interrupted my plans. We worked tight next to a line of Lily Pads and caught plenty of bass until about 8:30am. By then the bite slowed down on our topwater offerings. I made a switch to conventional gear and started throwing my “Go To” lure. A YO-Zuri 3DS Suspending Minnow in the same area as earlier in the morning which kept my rod bent until the BIG orange heat ball in the sky told us the fun was over.

Heat indexes are pushing triple digits so please bring along and drink plenty of fluids. There was another boat nearby and they were jogging for specks which they filled their limits for the day, too. We finished our morning by 10:30am and enjoyed the shelter of air conditioning. Our SUMMERTIME BLUES are here to stay for awhile!

bass on fly