bull redfish

Ryan with a bull redfish cause sight fishing in mosquito lagoon on a 3 inch gulp shrimp!

All across the east coast bull redfish seem to be a favorite target for all anglers. Whether inshore or off the beaches, they are an incredible game fish. Typically, August through October are the best months to target these large breeder reds.

Inshore, fish around deeper sandbars, bridges, or shallow water grass flats with drop offs close by, are several areas that are very productive. As far as beach fishing, look for the redfish to hang around jetties, small structures around the beach, or large bait pods and the redfish will be close by and willing to feed on just about any type of cut bait fished along the bottom, from mullet, to bluefish, bonita and ladyfish — they are not picky!

I cannot emphasize enough how important these fish are to our estuary! Most of these fish are around 20 to 30 years old — if not older — and they are our main breeders! I highly advise using circle hooks, fishing heavier tackle even when in shallow water, and make sure under no circumstance do you hold the fish vertically. It is these fish that will be providing for our future fishery!

These next few months are some of my favorite to fish and I hope everyone gets out and enjoys some of the phenomenal fishing the Space Coast has to offer!