c54 special

Pitching a 1/8th ounce Mr Crappie Sausage Jig on 4 # test, for Bream. Got her twin a little earlier.

29 Oct 2020…Love the Ditch. Started the day at Headwaters Lake. I made a new friend, made a statement that dumb ass yankees were too stupid to turn off their headlights on the ramp. Fished until 1100, Weed mats were starting to move. The section that I was in was starting to close. Had three small Speck and a pair of Bream. Got a feeling that the enhanced area is getting hammered. At least 30 boats working. Headed for the ramp, boat on trailer, C – 54 time. Headed West, trolling. 13 Specks, all bigger than the ones at the lake. Mayan Cichlids are getting more plentiful. On the troll, a fat 17 inch Bass, small morale boost. Working the Mr Crappie Sausage head on 4 # test. Bass were really active, pair over 4 pounds, and too many in the 12 to 14 inch range to count. Spotted something big and black on the bank. First thought, Gator from Hell. Close as I could tell, a Black Bear. All fish released for future encounters.

c54 fishing