The production along Brevard’s beaches continues to check all the boxes whether you’re fishing in the surf or from a boat. Snook, redfish, tripletail and cobia have been available to nearshore anglers. Local fishing charters haven’t seen a shortage of action with big redfish and shark fishing highlighting the majority of family fishing trips near Port Canaveral and Sebastian Inlet. I had the opportunity to take a few guests out this week to participate in the nearshore action. Bending a rod this time of year relegates the question of not when, but what is tugging? With the target species comes a smorgasbord of “bycatch” including ladyfish, sharks, jack crevalle, ribbon fish and blue runners. Make sure to stockpile plenty of bait as it can go fast and furious when the bite is on.

pompano season florida

Surf fishing the beaches surprised most anglers with a fresh pulse of pompano hitting our coastline. Varying locations along area beaches was essential to finding denser concentrations on any given day. Once again, the key to making these decisions relates to the information an angler may obtain. Real-time observations of water clarity, fishing reports, tides and bait concentrations are key. Cocoa Beach charters caught plenty of fish early in the week as well as Patrick Air Force Base beaches, only for it to slow as the week progressed. If you’re not catching, then move. Simple as that. Fishing near Sebastian Inlet, Melbourne Beach, and Indiatlantic found a more consistent bite throughout the week from start to finish. Pompano, whiting, mackerel, bluefish, ladyfish, jack crevalle and blue runners terrorized surf fishing rigs daily.

shark fishing on the beach

Shark fishing charters and shark fishing from the beach remain to be hands down out of this world extraordinary. It’s as good as it gets for shark fishing the beaches locally. The majority of trips taken this week have seen easily identifiable signs of sharks of various sizes cruising in the inner surf zones. Targeting sharks from the shoreline with the most common catches being sandbar shark, black tip sharks, nurse, lemon and spinner sharks. These sport fish provide a rod bending, drag-screaming experience for family fun trips or serious individual anglers alike. Make sure to put in due diligence before tackling this sport as there are FWC requirements to abide by as well as safety guidelines that should be followed closely.

The fall mullet run has been hit and miss the last week. One day tons of bait can be constantly flooding down the beaches, and the next day one school may swim by in a few hours. With that being said, come with a structured game plan in mind. Understand the need to acquire live bait in the lagoon or at a local bait shop, which will guarantee having it available in the surf. With the inconsistencies taking place, it’s a smart decision to be prepared. Use the live baits in the first trough rigged on a fish finder rig or free lined. Methodically working these areas will produce catches of snook, spanish mackerel, redfish and bluefish. Get out there and get tight before it’s all over!