bass fishing

We are catching some solid fish this week. The most productive baits are Zman Poppin Shadz (Mud Minnow and White) 5”, Bass Assassin Skunk Ape (St John’s Special), Bone color Spooks, Luckycraft Gunfish 115 (Gold Shiner) and BA RSB Worms (Gooseberry and Plum Apple). The Mike Bucca Bullrat put 3 solid fish in the boat so far this week. Half ounce golden shiner Jackhammers with Spunk Shad trailers is a must throw bait at Headwaters.

First thing in the morning we are throwing topwater baits in shallow water close to deep water. These fish are feeding on the flats the first few hours then pulling back into deeper cooler water. When the sun gets up higher in the sky punching with an ounce and a quarter weight has been producing quality bass. If you don’t get bit on topwater or punching throw a Jackhammer and rip it over and threw hydrilla.

The water is hot so slow everything down. Lots of pausing topwater baits, slowly drag worms along the bottom and pay close attention to the weather. Lots of thunderstorms popping up in the afternoons, so be safe!