Mosquito Lagoon seatrout

Jessica proudly poses with a big Mosquito Lagoon seatrout she caught recently with Capt. Mark Wright

We had several good trips this past week starting with Topwater Tony. Targeting spotted seatrout in the south Mosquito Lagoon he gave his favorite lure a workout. The bone colored Skitterwalk caught a good number of released fish and we didn’t bother with getting any photos.

Mid-week I shifted gears with Gregg. We mixed it up throwing Z-Man Pop Shadz at first light where Gregg went two for four on quality spotted seatrout. Changing to Z-Man Diezel Minnowz and Curly Tailz added a couple of redfish to his growing total.

About four hours into his trip I could see he was tiring; his casts were becoming lazy and growing shorter and shorter. Another change was needed and we decided to set our happy fannies down and toss some chunks out on the bottom.

The catfish were eager and determined to feed. They’re almost ready to spawn and their activity level is on high. It’s tough to get a redfish bite on bait because of the aggressiveness of the catfish right now. Still, Gregg managed his best fish of the day when a nice slot red found a chunk-o-mullet before Mr. Whiskers did!

Travis Redfish

Travis gets a beautiful slot redfish using a chunk of fresh dead ladyfish on a recent trip with Capt. Mark Wright.

Sunday I joined Capt. John as a second boat. Fishing docks and canal mouths near River Breeze Park the wee snooks were willing to eat live shrimp at the end of the outgoing tide. The bite died with the slack water and we headed into the back-waters for find a redfish or two.

Settling on a popular spot off the main channel we anchored the Banshee here and there looking for more than catfish. Yes, they’re still aggressive and abundant. We found what we were looking for on the fourth move as Travis bows-up on a twenty-four inch red. A bit later Jessica has an absolute ball trying to convince an over-slot red to come aboard for the photo-op; eventually the fish succumbed to here invitation!

As we were packing up for the day the same rod as the two reds were caught on hooks yet a third big fish using the exact same chunk of ladyfish that caught the reds. Yep, three awesome fish on the same chunk of ladyfish that Travis caught an hour earlier. What was the third fish? A big, fat, spotted seatrout and many people think they won’t eat dead bait… Check out the photo!