red fishing

Post Dorian has really made the water dirty! But, luckily, it hasn’t negatively impacted the fishing.

The redfish bite has been fantastic! Most fish seem to be holding tight to mangrove shorelines that are holding bait. It may take a little running and gunning to figure this out as it has been changing pretty frequently with the water conditions all along the Indian river lagoon. If you find a muddy shoreline with large black mullet, or even lines of small fingerlings, the fish are likely close by. The top bait choices for these dirty water conditions have been pearl white gulp shrimp, or gold and black paddle tail jigs. Generally, you want something that stands out in the mucky water. The snook have been close by, as well, and are following the same patterns as the redfish.

With the full moon coming I predict we will start to see a lot more large breeder redfish. In the meantime, don’t let the dirty water scare you off. With a good week of some sunny weather I believe we will see a lot of areas clean up nicely. The bite has been good! Get out and catch ’em up!