Low and clear water conditions continued this week with generally windy conditions except a few mornings. Most flats are way too shallow or lacking of seagrass, so the deep structure is the best choice. It seems like once you catch a fish, there’s more in the exact same spot every time. Canals continue to hold lots of trout with some 20-25 inch fish.

The larger fish can be finicky when it comes to artificial. Use shrimp after the fronts and midday, but use mullet before the fronts in the evening. This technique has produced so much more than trout that I hate calling it trout fishing. Juvenile tarpon fishing has been surprisingly good with multiple hookups every trip! Black drum up to 20 inches and rat reds really picked up Sunday. I got 10 black drum! Also, there have been some large black drum in select spots. I lost three giants on Sunday.