mosquito lagoon snook

The first fish of the slam. This feisty snook popped at Tony’s top-water plug four times before it hooked-up solid!

I did a short scouting trip with my buddy Frank early this week. My friend is slowly recovering from some medical issues and I was happy to provide a few hours of get-away time for him.

The morning greeted us with perfect conditions. A very gentle ripple on the water’s surface and more fingerling mullet streaming through the area than I’ve seen in many years. This gave us hope of a banner trip. Unfortunately, the fish were unconcerned with feeding. They were there in good numbers, just unwilling to eat anything we offered them.

The highlight to the morning was the firecracker like blast as a monster trout ate Frank’s Tsunami K9 Walker. The fish ran straight at the boat giving me a brief view of her huge girth and double digit size! Trying to gain line and get tight with the fish proved impossible as the plug was forcefully expelled from the trophy’s lips as she nearly ran into the boat. This fleeting bit of excitement far out shadowed the actual catching of the few dink trout we managed.

Tony joined me again after the new-moon and its influence waned a bit. The top-water bite was hot and lots of fish were boated. Catching a slam early in the morning is always a welcome achievement; though, catching the trout took a while!

Again, the finger mullet pods were plentiful and it was good seeing the predators herding them over irregular patches on the bottom then blasting into the schools. Once the activity level peaked we didn’t need to move for over an hour. I hope this pattern repeats itself over the rest of the summer.