fly fishing for reds

Of all the ways there are to catch Redfish, tossing a hook covered with feathers and fur and watching a 40+ Bull inhale your presentation has got to be the pinnacle. This happened for me this past week on a scouting trip with my fellow Florida Fly Co Charter partner, Captain Noah Miller. I rarely, if ever, target Bull Redfish but was determined to check off another “Bucket List” fish. This is the perfect time of year for those looking to target Bull Redfish.

Our morning started off with one Seatrout after another on topwater Gurgler patterns. As the sun rose higher, the mullet showed along the flats in huge numbers. Along with that, so came the Bulls. We watched in amazement and they stalked the outside edges of the mullet schools almost herding them as Bottlenose Dolphin will. Then, like a torpedo launched from a battleship the giant reds would crash through the schools of mullet gorging themselves on all they could eat. The challenge for those seeking these fish on fly is the perfect presentation. Without divulging all the secrets, my best tip is BIG FLIES for BIG FISH. And these full bellied behemoths don’t usually want to exert much effort if they don’t have to, so get the fly within a foot of their face, if possible.

redfish on fly

We were able to score one Bull Red each so we were done with that mission. We then moved on to stalking the shallow shorelines for slot Redfish, Trout, Snook, and Black Drum to add to our already banner day.

I do have one request for those pursuing Bull Reds, at this, or any time of year. PLEASE handle these fish as if they were your own newborn child. They are the future of our Redfish fishery and deserve the utmost of respect. No Boga Grips to hang them by the jaw etc. Evenly support as much of the weight of the fishes body as you can, get that quick hero shot, and make sure to thoroughly revive the fish so they swim off strong to fight another day.

For anyone looking to experience sight fishing the shallows on fly and light tackle contact the Charter Captains of Florida Fly Co. Charters on Facebook or at our website.