Brown tide (aureoumbra lagunensis) has unfortunately returned in full force to most of Central Brevard’s lagoons. Visibility is essentially nonexistent and you can say goodbye to the little bit of grass that came back. Tarpon may still be around, but fishing in such nasty water is very undesirable. They have been exclusively eating live mullet, so don’t even bother without if you can’t find any.

The thermocline is going to make red snapper patterns tough and unpredictable. I confirmed it between Canaveral and Sebastian yesterday in full force. Red snapper should still be caught, but location, feeding patterns, and everything will be a challenge to figure out for all but the very best. The worst part of it is that it’s going to make SAFMC think red snapper are in dire condition, when it’s really the exact opposite. I’d be all for catch and release if they really were endangered and overfished.

I apologize for making a negative report like this, but I’d rather do so than send someone on a wild goose chase that wastes fuel money, time, and effort.