dolphin port canaveral

FWC is seeking feedback on potential recreational management measures for dolphinfish in Atlantic state waters. In recent years, private recreational and for-hire fishermen have raised concerns about the declines in size and abundance of dolphinfish in south Florida, and recently, the South Atlantic Fishery Management Council reduced the recreational vessel limit from 60 to 54 fish.

The Commission has expressed interest in taking a proactive management approach and could consider reducing the recreational vessel limit and possibly modifying the bag limit in Atlantic state waters. Staff is seeking feedback on potential management actions intended to reduce dolphinfish recreational harvest, including:

  1. Reducing the vessel limit from 60 to 54, 40, or 30 fish for private recreational and charter operations, and
  2. Expanding this vessel limit to headboat operations, and
  3. Reducing the bag limit (currently 10 fish per person), and
  4. Eliminating the for-hire captain and crew bag limits

Staff plans to bring a draft rule on dolphinfish in Atlantic state waters for Commission consideration at the December Commission meeting. We would appreciate any feedback you may have on dolphinfish recreational bag and vessel limits as well as other suggestions for Atlantic state waters.

Send responses and comments or provide them on the comment page.