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native salt surf fishing report

My son Fin and I got to fish twice last week. Our first trip was an evening offshore adventure to 70 feet of water outside Sebastian Inlet. Having a mild wind and chop we were able to run about 30 knots which is always a thrill, especially at night! Fin likes to lay on the back deck gazing up at the blanket of stars. Our beach trip on Sunday became a solo trip as my teenager needed sleep. He had the right idea! I stopped at my favorite restaurant/convenient store, Beach Bites which is located at the end of the Wabasso Causeway next to a county park (which has a great beach set up for a cup of coffee and hot breakfast). The beach at Wabasso had a small east swell and murky stirred up water. I caught five sailcats in a row on Salt Clams and Salt Fleas and called it a morning. I am confident that cleaner water species, like pompano, whiting, margate, black drum, Spanish mackerel, snook and a surprising number of other species will be in the offering for the coming weeks ahead.

If you haven’t heard about some of the new products from Native Salt Clam Baits, you have to check them out because there should be some great opportunities just ahead to put them to good use.

native salt clam bait colors

First, there’s the original Salt Clam Bait which is now available in three new colors: yellow, pink, and orange. Usually $12.99, we’ve currently got them listed on sale on our website for $9.99. Get yours now! We’ve also got new orange and pink colors available for our Hand-trimmed and processed jumbo surf Clam Stringers. This very tough and durable bait that is perfect for jig tipping, surf and bait fishing as well as general purpose fish catching.

clam stringers

Last but not least, we’ve got something that’s really going to be a game changer for surf anglers — our new Clam Liquor Brined and Dyed Sand Fleas. Cured in a salty clam liquor, these stay tough and last longer than fresh or balanced sand fleas, and they are available in original, orange, and pink colors. Find them on our website here.

brined sand fleas

Remember, all our salted baits are tough, clean, and are made for reuse. Keep these baits in the refrigerator, and they’ll stay fresh and stink-free. For the new colored varieties, try and keep them out of direct sunlight when possible. We utilize dyes that won’t stain your hands or clothes, so the bait’s pigmentation will fade in prolonged exposure to the sun.

Finally, check out our community, Native Salt Bait Users, on Facebook for current catches and conditions. Spring is a great time to surf fish in Florida, and remember, you won’t know if you don’t go!

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Killian Stumpf manufactures Native Salt Clam Baits in Sebastian, FL.

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