snook fishing mosquito lagoon

Kim catches a couple of shoreline snook in the Indian River where we were scouting for future charter trips!

Things have been a bit snooky as of late. Even with the low water levels our juvenile snook population is happily relating to shorelines. If you find a shoreline area with tree branches extending over the water offering a bit-o-shade to hide in, you might find several snooklettes hiding there and fighting over your jig!

These feisty fish haven’t been too particular on what they’ll eat, either. Topwater Tony had a ball with them in the Mosquito Lagoon recently using Skitterwalk plugs, Al’s Goldfish spoons and Z-Man Diezel Minnowz!

Kim and I played with them in the Indian River earlier this week. Kim threw a Z-Man Minnowz and I offered them a Z-Man Curly Tailz. They ate everything we threw at them and we took a couple of trout too.

Moving out into a little deeper water where the schooling mullet are plentiful, you’ll find plenty of spotted seatrout. Some days you won’t see them surface feeding on the mullet, though they’re likely feeding sub-surface and not always on the mullet.

If topwater plugs aren’t working try a shad tailed or curly tailed soft plastic or a silver or gold spoon. Often they’re feeding on tiny fry-fish or glass minnows and a small lure might get their attention.

The redfish bite has been a little slow for us and the few we’re catching come from under the mullet schools where we are primarily targeting and catching trout.