seatrout keepers

While Mom’s away the boys will play; with slot sized spotted seatrout!

I was out several trips this week and fish activity was actually pretty good, even with the full-moon influence.

Once again the top-water bite was consistent with the Tsunami K9 Walker getting lots of action from spotted seatrout. Unfortunately, the two trophy trout we hooked this week managed to free themselves after extended battles. Sometimes the fish win and I’m perfectly fine with that!

On another trip we mixed it up with a little lure tossing by a pair of brothers who haven’t fished much and haven’t really fished in a few years. We worked a favorite shoreline in the south Mosquito Lagoon with only a couple of bites.

Drifting toward a “honey-hole” I frequent, I had the guys secure their lures and put the rods away as I baited two chunk mullet rigs. We anchored the Banshee and I tossed out the baits. The first rod doubled over about five seconds after the second rod was tucked into its holder.

We stayed in place for the next ninety minutes with slow, but consistent action. The brothers went six for seven on slot redfish and I was thrilled when they released them all.

Sunday, Mark treated his sons Troy and Trent to their first ever inshore fishing charter. We fished shrimp under popping floats in several places and couldn’t seem to get away from the hardheads. The guys did catch a few mangrove snapper, big gafftops and jumped some ladyfish as we drifted around the spoil islands.

Eventually we found a shoreline with mullet streaming through and the guys managed three upper slot trout for dinner. Yep, the catfish were here too and we went through an inordinate amount of bait because of the hungry pinfish. Still, the gang had a great time!