red snapper season

Limits of Amberjacks, Fat Red Snapper, and much more action aboard the ūüĒ•Fire Fight with Capt. Joe!

Offshore fishing was an 8/10 this week. Did we all catch our red snapper? Yes, and I’m not even gonna talk about the stupidity of the measly three-day long season.

We managed a solid bite with ARS, AJs and a few grouper surprises. Very good fishing. Easy? No, but we all got our limits and saw some very nice ones. 120-180 was a decent depth to fish unless you were able to run 35 miles north to some shallower areas. They ate live bait just fine. Kings fired well, too. Both live and frozen bait got the job done. We got into some fish on pelican and the reef, but nothing special.

Finally, no wind and clean water! It really makes all the difference in the catch. Looks like the first few days this week will be blowing, but it’s forecast to lay down towards the weekend.

Good Luck and stay Fired Up!