seatrout fishing

What a wild month we have had! It seems Mother Nature can’t make up her mind. Cold, windy, hot and calm, this has been one weird winter!

Even with all the craziness, the fishing has been really good. This month ahead will hopefully have a little bit more stable weather. Typically, March can make for a red hot speckled seatrout bite, and for black drum, too. Most fish will be found in 2-3 feet of water in an area with docks, troughs or around spoil islands. The best way to get your larger fish is by throwing live bait. The bait of choice for me when seatrout fishing is a small live finger mullet or a sand trout. Since trout don’t have any crazy gill plates, but just some really impressive teeth, a lighter leader in the 15-20 lb range helps to produce more bites. When it comes to fishing these baits, I prefer a 4/0 circle hook with a small split shot to keep the bait in the fish’s strike zone a little longer. Then just place your bait on the edge of the drop off along the islands, docks, or grass flats and hang on! This method works great in all three lagoons.

spotted seatrout

The artificial enthusiast can start getting some good action on small topwater plugs and hard baits such as the Mirrolure Mirrodine, as well as soft plastics such as Gulp and Mirrolure lil Johns. The trout fishing has already been good and should only get better. I highly encourage catch and release and wish everyone the best of luck!