Beach fishermen are still reporting great surf action if you can keep out of the weeds. For a limited time only, the big tarpon and even some snook can be teased up in the breakers. Get in on the fun while you can.

Inshore, the trout are everywhere but mostly just legal. Not many monsters yet. They seem to be favoring the smaller shrimp on gold hooks, which is good because scrap season is on us and there are not a lot of hand picks right now. Sheepshead are also more plentiful. Look for them around any structure where there may be barnacle growth. Be sure to try live fiddlers or the NATIVE SALT BAITS salted sand fleas. Our creeks and tributaries are holding the big tarpon, and we’re also seeing lots of snook at the inlet, which seem to be most active when the tide is running.

Be careful of those wicked afternoon pattern storms! They pop up suddenly. Remember, if you are fishing in Grant area we welcome you to wait out the storm at TREASURE COAST MARINA. Tie up at our docks and come on inside until it passes. Your safety is our utmost concern!