reef fishing

This past week, the fishing on the main reefs 100ft or less has been really good. We have been seeing a lot of mangrove snapper and some really nice mutton snappers up to 10 pounds. A few red and grey grouper in the mix but the current has been raging pretty good outside of a 100ft so we have continued to focus our effort a little shallower to keep tangles to a minimum. The hot bait has been grunt heads aka lips. A majority of the big muttons and nicer mangroves have been caught with this bait. It takes a little more patience to get the bite but when you do it is normally a really good fish. We have also had no shortage of bonus fish such as dolphin, cobia and black fin tuna come to the boat so always be ready with a pitch rod. We will be planning a extended trip here real soon to do a extended trip to go a little deeper for the groupers before the summertime lull sets in.