snook fishing

A 32.5 inch snook.

This week the redfish were not out and about like they have been, but the snook were. White bait and mullet were both available and worked well. I used white bait and mullet which both worked very well. We tried four different areas that usually hold fish and at each site the snook were all bunched up together. I fished four different areas and each one had almost all of the snook in one spot. A lot of the water was dirty and site fishing was a challenge but we did find some clear water in a few spots in the Indian River. My dad and I were moving slowly across a flat trying to sight cast snook, but they were very spooky. As we approached one of the only docks on the flat, we took blind casts in the shadowline of the dock. After a few casts I saw a boil so I casted on it with my mullet and caught a 22 inch snook. Almost immediately after releasing that fish we put another bait under a different part of the same dock and got an immediate thump. I had to get into the water and run through the dock with it. It ended up being the biggest snook ever to our boat. In a different spot we were casting at the mangroves, when I turned the corner and saw about a dozen small snook. They were all willing to eat including one bigger one which was hiding a little further back in the mangroves. I caught the bigger one and it measured at 26 inches.