jack crevalle

Amanda with a nice Jack Crevalle.

What a week of Tarpon fishing along the beach! Plenty of bait pods and lots of fish spread out along the beach with tarpon, bonito, jacks, Spanish mackerel and sharks all giving chase. Live baits and artificial both are working well. We’ve been using live mullet and greenies and a 1/2 ounce jighead with soft plastics and getting quite a few fish to the boat. Earlier this week we went 6 for 11, which wast my best day this summer. Six came on live bait and 5 were on artificial.


James and Amanda with a double on some Bonito

One word of advice is to show some etiquette on the water, which seems to be lost these days. Last weekend I was fishing a school of bait and when we hooked a fish and moved off the school to fight the fish, another Charter guide pulled in on the school and blocked us out of it for the rest of the morning. Then proceeded to race us to the same fish we’ve been fishing for the last month once he found out I have been fishing. Don’t be that guy. Give people at least 100 or more yards of distance and don’t try to fish the same small school someone else is fishing. There are a lot of schools of bait and plenty of fish so show some etiquette and give people room. All it does is create animosity and can ruin someones fishing day. Luckily for us, we picked up our lines and moved on to jump 8 more fish down the beach some more.

Jesse has been running offshore trips and doing well with Cobia Mangrove snapper, Lane Snapper, triggerfish and kingfish. Plenty of action at the 90’ ledges.