The application process has began once again for this years funding of the artificial reef. This will be the 6th reef in as many years, we need you help to make sure it is funded. We everyone’s help so please take action.

You can help by expressing your support of the reef project via email to You should also feel free to copy and paste the following message:

To Whom It May Concern:

I fully support the artificial reef program for 2021. Brevard County’s artificial reefs offer residents and visitors additional recreational fishing opportunities near shore approximately 15 miles from Port Canaveral, it is easily accessible to all. The reef also offers excellent diving opportunities. As we continue to expand the reef, more people will visit, which in turn supports and expands the local economy and small businesses in Brevard County. Businesses such as those in boating sales, storage, repair, bait and tackle stores, fuel, food and lodging as well as supporting the local charter captains.

I fully support the deployment of this artificial reef.

Concerned Citizen