pompano jigging

Larry getting it done. The pompano bite was hot at the beginning of the ebb tide!

So, what do you do when the pompano show up unexpectedly and you only have one small jig on the boat? You improvise, that’s what you do!
Larry joined me again for a morning trip. The tide was a few minutes shy of high as I slowly worked the boat over the flats near Jack Island. By the time we reached my target area the water started falling and a tide rip formed along an island with a deep hole on its off-shore side.
We were expecting to catch lots of trout, ladyfish and jacks, but the pompano had other plans for us. On Larry’s third or fourth cast he connects on a solid pompano that greedily smashed his skimmer jig. This jig was still on his rod from a previous trip he took targeting pompano at Port Canaveral.

Try as I might, I couldn’t find a small jig of any design on the boat. I did have several tiny spoons in silver and gold. The jacks and ladyfish eagerly chased these spoons with a steady retrieve. However, the pomps ignored them until I “jigged” the spoons with a sharp and rapid lift and a pause long enough for the spoons to flutter back to the bottom.

This technique worked extremely well and let me catch up to Larry on pompano and surpass him on our total catch numbers. Often, thinking out of the box will reap big results and big rewards!