birthday boys

Cheers to this week’s birthday boys, Capt. Greg (center) and Nick Anderson (left)!

January can be a very good time of year for fishing the Space Coast. The biggest obstacle is timing the cold fronts as they make a world of difference in how the fishing will be. As long as the winds don’t get too crazy, the river tends to clear up this time of year, making sight-fishing from a boat or wading a very productive and fun way to target most inshore species.

Flounder will be in the port and inlets as well as deep channels up and down the state. Meanwhile, bluefish, jacks and Spanish mackerel will be the predominant species in the surf up and down the east coast. Target these fish by casting spoons or any sort of shiny fast moving lure.

Sheepshead is also a very popular fish this time of year as they pack a fun fight as well as a tasty reward. Shrimp or fiddler crabs are the bait of choice for them and they are available at most bait shops. Fishing around bridges or dock pilings are typically the most productive areas for targeting sheepshead.

Overall, it’s a great time of year to get out and wet a line in the Indian river lagoon.