port canaveral party boat

This past week the Ocean Obsession II (OO) had some epic trips targeting the bottom bite out of Port Canaveral. Some of the usual suspects you can count on, including mangrove, lane and red snapper (even though you can’t keep ’em). Grouper, triggerfish, bee-liners, jacks, cobia, kingfish and even dolphin make an appearance from time to time. However, this past week they welcomed mutton snapper and African pompano to the party, as well!

African pompano

That’s right, two fish which are much more common further south. Mutton snapper are not that uncommon up our way but are typically targeted more in south Florida. On the other hand, African pompano are fish you just don’t typically see that often up here, especially in numbers like this past week. What does it mean, if anything at all? My grandfather used to joke with me and say, “they have tails son, they move around!” And, he is right. However, it does make you wonder how our ocean is changing. One thing is certain, though — with catches like this becoming more consistent, you will definitely want to reserve your spot on one of the next OO trips to see if you end up catching one of these hard fighting, great tasting tropical species!