It seems Mother Nature just won’t give us a break! Consistent rain has really made the water and algae bloom worse and will probably have it this way for a good while. I’ve noticed it has changed some typical migration patterns, in particularly, for bull redfish.

With all the negatives, there is still some things to be optimistic about. There is still fish, no fish kills, and with a large bloom, it’s definitely getting more attention that the Indian river desperately needs. With all the dirty water and breezy conditions the snook bite has been really good; good numbers of fish and of really nice size. I’ve definitely noticed the more noise or vibration you can put on a lure the better!

Mangrove shorelines with dead trees and areas that typically are extremely shallow have been the “go to” spots. Burning larger swim baits and scented products such as gulp under popping corks still have been the best all-around baits. Anglers looking for a little bit more of a patience bite can find great results fishing wind blown points with large chunks of black mullet.

Hopefully within the next few weeks to come we will see some cooler temps, less rain, and if anything like last year, the black drum will show up in full force!