key west billfish

Welcome, from the southernmost city. Fishing is on fire inshore, offshore and on the reef. Whatever your pleasure, be it filling the freezer or knocking that trophy fish off your list, there is a charter here for you in Key West!

Inshore the big fish is the tarpon. We have schools rolling through the harbor with each tide. Chumming or drifting live pinfish should bend a rod for you. If you want something a little more one on one, a flats or bay boat trip into the islands is what you want, sight fishing at its finest. Permit and bonefish are still running with the tides. Talk to your guide and see what your best options are to shoot for a grand slam!

mahi season

Offshore, it’s dolphin season! Any decent weedline after 250 feet should have some fish on it. If you don’t hook up after a couple miles don’t be scared to run out. We’ve had lines out as far as the wall and beyond (20 miles). If you’re not hooking up stop on a larger patch and chum, throw bait and drop a jig deep. Sometimes they’ll find you 🙂 Drifting live baits on the color change should give you a couple shots at sails possibly a passing cobia. Give it time and you should be good.

key west snapper

Now for what I’ve been waiting on 🙂 I’m a meat hunter when it comes to fishing. Around the full moon in May and June the mutton snapper spawn. Hard fighting, delicious and beautiful is the best way to describe them. Look for schools out west in 110-120 ft. over hard flat bottom. It’s an afternoon bite so there is no rush to get out there. Giant yellowtail snapper and an occasional black grouper are your by-catch. Remember they just up the size to 18 inches and dropped the bag limit to 5 per person.

kids fishing key west

Take a kid out and let them have a go at these big bottom fish! Take a 2 speed, drop it in low gear and have them crank! Blow their mind with a giant fish and they’ll fish every day. That’s what it’s all about. Stay safe everyone and fish smart not hard 🙂