surf report

Tuesday 4/21 South Melbourne beaches 3:30 pm – 6:00 pm. This was about 1.5 hrs after low tide on the incoming. Water fairly flat and a little off color. Light winds moving around from all directions. today was the first time since I have been fishing a beach by my home did I see a FWC officer patrolling the beach on a 4 wheeler. He stopped, checked my license, which I had stored on the FWC app on my phone, looked at the 4 pomps I had at the time and measured the smallest (12″). He was a good guy, courteous, wore a mask, & maintained social distancing pretty well. I ended the day with a limit of pomps and 4 whiting. Today’s fish and any I may be lucky enough to harvest tomorrow are headed to a family whose work has been interrupted with the COVID-19 issues.