Fort Pierce seatrout fishing

Kim enjoyed our scouting trip in north Fort Pierce. The trout bite was solid during the falling tide!

We took a break from our “moving in” duties to do a little fishing. Once the air temp actually rose into this human’s comfort zone we launched the Banshee.

We started in a corner pocket offering shelter from the mid-strength NW breeze. A single boat was already anchored in the area and we gave him a very wide berth. So wide in fact another boater shoehorned himself between us. I just shook my head and left the area. Yes, common courtesy is dead everywhere…

As we’re idling out of this spot the wind completely stopped, giving us free range to fish anywhere. I headed into an area known as Queen’s Cove and worked the shoreline heading south. By now the tide was nearly full and if there were any quality fish in the area they were hiding way back in the mangrove forest. All we managed was a tiny trout and a few ladyfish.

As I worked deeper into the backwater bays we found a decent trout bite. The dolphin found US and became a major pain in our butts as they ate ever trout we released. It’s time to move!

Once the tide started ebbing I headed back to where we tried starting our day. Boat one was still babysitting his spot, but boat two was gone. We once again gave the gentleman plenty of respect as we started down the shoreline. It didn’t take long to find a point with a tide rip holding plenty of fish and the bite was on!

Zman EZ Shrimpz and Diezel Minnowz did the job. Since the dolphins were eating everything we released earlier we couldn’t feel too guilty about keeping a few ourselves.

Did I mention I love fishing in Fort Pierce? Well, I DO!