I made it out to 3 Forks this past week. We didn’t have much confidence on catching while the rather large moon was above us but we fished anyway. You don’t know if you don’t go. We made it over to the west side of the impoundment and set up in an area that has produced in the past. I was using my 5wt fly rod with the smaller Stealth Bomber tied on hoping for some bluegill action. My friend had his trusty Tiny Torpedo along for some catching. We had a fun filled hour and a half of catching and then the light switch was turned off and we struggled for another hour without even a promise of a hit. We were off the water by 10.


Water levels are still pretty low so caution is always advised when running this body of water. If you wanted to head south and fish the Satori ponds, a Surface Drive or Airboat would be recommend until the waters rise.

three forks