mangrove snapper offshore

Our last report seemed as if the fishing was starting to slow way down and get into that Summer lull that we typically see when thermo-cline conditions start to creep in. We are very happy to see that was just an off week. The fishing this past week or so has been phenomenal.

In the past couple days, the mangrove snapper fishing has hit another level. It has been a hot minute since we have seen mangrove fishing on this level. Remember that these are not just mangrove snapper, these are Canaveral mangroves — and we grow them BIG. It is very common to see mangroves over 8lbs, so you need to be geared up properly. Flurocarbon leader will be a absolute must with the clean summertime water but no one should be dropping to the bottom with anything less than 50lb test. All you will do is break them off and shut down the bite, in addition, what most people don’t realize when they use light leader is that they shut down the bite for the entire boat. Mangrove snapper are smart and they quickly hone in on the most natural presentation and get line shy. One person fishing 30lb and everyone else fishing 50lb, the person fishing 30 will get 90% of the bites and break off 90% of those bites causing a complete shutdown. This goes the same for fishing a small boat also.

African pompano

Mangroves are not the only species roaming the reef. Gag groupers are also mixed in but a very rare catch because everyone is dropping down in line size for the mangroves so the gags are having their way with us. Cobia and African Pompano are being caught off the bottom also, so make sure you can get to your drag and easily back it off a touch when you feel that line start to go out instead of down. Float line fishing has been on fire with king mackerel and dolphin fish, so be ready if you get a stern spot while fishing with us or if the current allows for float line opportunities off of either side.

Your second best friend to flurocarbon leader will be a sabiki rig. Threadfins can be caught at the dock and will prove to be a guaranteed bite on the float line. Sabiki rig fishing on the reef will mostly produce grunts but a grunt plug and lips is the go to bait for mangrove snapper. If you happen to sabiki up a cigar minnow or scaly sardine it is a guaranteed bite right now. The fishing right now is as good as it gets so get out on the water ASAP!

Father’s Day is this Sunday, June 16th, and we’re marking the occasion with a special mangrove snapper trip under the Full Moon. The trip is from 5pm – 2am and costs $95 per person, limited to 40 people. Call us at (321) 453-3474 to book your spot aboard the Ocean Obsession II out of Port Canaveral.