seatrout jim ross

It’s been another week with a multitude of species biting well. Redfish, black drum, speckled trout, and ladyfish are the most abundant types I found in the lagoons recently. By using a variety of Rapala topwater and suspending plugs I’ve been getting redfish to 30-inches and trout to 20-inches. Live and fresh dead finger mullet are also great options for anglers that have difficulty working artificial lures. Saltwater Assassin sea Shad tails rigged in a jig head are another great way to get these fish to strike. Black drum are striking live and fresh dead shrimp near mangrove trees and docks in the Banana and Indian Rivers. Most of the fish we’ve caught this past week in the flats are running 2 to 5 pounds.

Out in the nearshore and offshore grounds, king mackerel, jack, tarpon and a variety of sharks can be found on most days. Live baits are by far the best choices here. Frozen baits will also work on the kings and shark but the tarpon and jack prefer frisky offerings.

As more bait pods show up in the near shore waters over the next few weeks these fish will become more and more prevalent. If your interested in getting out to charter for any of these species please give us a call and 322-636-3728 or check out our website.