port canaveral nearshore fishing

I have completed a lot of my videos, so be sure to check them out below. The editing along with cold weather and northwesterly winds has caused me to fish the lagoon very little. The 2 hours I fished it produced nothing. The water is currently super low allowing me to see the full extent of damage from brown 19′. You will need to find structure to catch fish. Most mangrove shorelines range from dry land to ankle deep, and that is way too skinny for the wintertime. Check docks, bridges, canals, and even submerged stumps. I saw 6 trout on a 4ft long stick. When it warms up, the lagoon should produce some trout, redfish, and black drum with a possibility of the big schools showing up.

The kingfish have been hit or miss, but there have been some small cobia out there. A few are legal size, but it is not what I would consider a good bite or consistent. No, this is absolutely not the “cobia run”. Be ready to pitch, and try dropping baits down a little from the surface. The cobia will usually eat everything willingly or eat nothing, but occasionally they will only eat one thing. I have not been beyond 100ft since September.

The tripletail are still biting nearshore, but they have yet to be as thick as the day I found them in mid-December. Drop live shrimp on a jig head or splitshot down the buoys.

As I promised, I have several new YouTube Videos