It’s been a bit of an odd week! It seems as if the weather still can’t make up its mind, after a few warmer weeks we have been experiencing yet another cold snap, hopefully the last one for this year. This week has been somewhat tough but with a little persistence we have still been able to create several good days. Yesterday I hit the water in the most undesirable conditions possible, a stiff north west wind, dropping temperatures and a steady drizzle, but Grayson and I got the itch and had to give it a go. We started on fishing wind blown shorelines looking for any signs of life, the north wind really had the water churned up good and it was difficult to even cast.

As the day progressed I switched gears and moved us around the spoil islands in the Indian river and it seemed to be the ticket. We started tossing small gulp shrimp as tight to the mangroves as we could get it and the fish just couldn’t resist. We were originally targeting redfish and trout but ended up with a nice surprise with a handful of good snook! The redfish and trout made a bit of an appearance as well.

My point here is don’t go fishing when it’s desirable, don’t let the conditions get you down, and don’t be scared to change your tactics and get on the water when you can! If something isn’t working, simply change up your tactics. With the cooler weather we will probably get another good run of drum around the docks and bridges, and probably start to see more snook and hopefully some tarpon within a few weeks. I highly recommend everyone catch and release in the river for our future generations. Tight lines and good luck!