Out of Port Canaveral, kingfish remain a hot ticket, especially around 8a, which has been smoking hot. We’re doing well with bunker and frozen cigar minnows rigged on 3x trebles and wire rigs with stingers attached. Skirts aren’t necessary right now. In addition to kings, there’s been a good number of blackfin tuna and a few sails also in the mix. When targeting these fish, be sure to keep your troll slow, around 1-1.5 knots.

The great run we had on cobia this past month is starting to slow down. I hope everyone got an opportunity to target these awesome fish off the beach, but if not, the window is still open. Their numbers may dwindle, but you should still be able to find them on the rays and leatherbacks hanging out in depths around the 50′-60′ range. Try working these fish with bucktails, and if there are no takers, live bait will most likely get it done. Cobia, while moody fish, are not particularly picky eaters, so don’t be afraid to try throwing whatever bait you have readily available. When using live bait, I use a 60lb leader from my 50lb braid to an 8/0 circle hook. This is also the time of year that they will come in very close as well. Don’t hesitate to start or end up in the 20 foot depth. Cover your ground.

We should start seeing the bait pods show up pretty soon. With warming temperatures, the fishing will only get better. Start looking for birds and flipping pogies. It’s been scarce to non-existent lately, but don’t worry, it’s almost here. Get yourself a good cast net. Tim Wade nets are an excellent choice. While more expensive than the Wally World alternative, it is very much worth the investment.