Launched out of Freddie Patrick on Wednesday (27 Nov) and headed due East with a plan to troll from the City Service Tankers thru the Cones into 300′ looking for the Gulf Stream temperature change. At around 25 miles out or 6 miles short of the Tankers we ran into a pod of ~30 Porpoise cruising from the south to the north. Since I had my kids with me I circled back around and paralleled their course. It wasn’t long before we were surrounded as they played in our wake. It was a pretty awesome experience to have with your kids. After the Porpoise broke off we continued on our way. About 3 miles short of the Tankers we noticed the water change from greenish-blue to blue and debated stopping to start our troll. Based on the Porpoise we decided to keep going out to the Tankers. We set out our spread of teasers, downrigger, flatline and shotgun using skirted ballyhoo. Not much action until we got out to the Cones in about 240′ of water, then the outrigger went off followed 10 minutes later by the downrigger. Two small mahi was all we were able to find. We moved back into the Lumps and trolled north to 8A using King Rigs and Cigar Minnows. We saw more Porpoise and we thought we saw a Hammer behind one of the flatlines and hooked into a remora so maybe we did see a Hammer investigating our offerings. When we brought up the downrigger we had half a Cigar so maybe the Porpoise picked our pockets. Slow day for fishing, but spending it with my two kids was priceless!