Hit old dirt docks at around 5am this morning. Oddly enough, nobody was there. Hit the eastern shoreline and the bite was one fire. First cast produced a 19in red, the very next 3 cast were Trout ranging from 14-20in. On the hunt for a snook with some size, I started pitching some live finger mullet, which were so abundant that my first cast with the net was all I needed. Caught several large jacks, and several baby snook ranging from 14-22in. Couldn’t hit any size. I could see them but the smaller fish were way more aggressive. Blue fish are pounding baits. Landed a nice blue fish on my 2500 reel which made for a fun fight. All in all I hit a slam. Trout, Red, Snook, and what I call the flea market slam of Lady Fish, blue fish, and Jacks all by 9:30am.

The conditions are excellent with clear water, tons of glass minnows and mullet, schools of drum and sheep’s. You all have no excuses about the weather this weekend, and I hope everyone had something to be Thankful for. Enjoy the day and let’s see some pics.