sargassum seaweed - surf fishing

Weeds on the beach have meant tough fishing, but anglers can still find success with some scouting and patience.

Surf fishing in Brevard County threw a curveball last week. As all the planets aligned for weeks in a row with the beach producing the whole species page — snook, pompano, whiting and sheepshead were consistently on tap for that time period. Then the combination of factors that affect surf fishing took hold with wind, bad water clarity and seaweed blankets rolling ashore. Adapt and overcome to the conditions at hand has been the underlying tone for the week.

Snook fishing the shore became more challenging due to the seaweed mats impeding progress as well as declining water clarity, which led to fewer catches. Great fishing can still be accomplished with extra effort and an understanding of current conditions. Disregard the predisposition to fish in a particular area where you’ve had success before. Look for new opportunities where the conditions are more favorable. Get the reports, drive the coast and seek out more promising areas to launch an effective surf fishing trip. Our coastline is full of those potential jackpots.

florida pompano fishing

Florida Pompano are still being caught in southern Brevard in clean water conditions.

North Brevard County beaches were inundated with these restrictive factors from Port Canaveral south to Indialantic. Reports can hold incredible information, but real-time observations are paramount. Those anglers that spent the time searching for the ideal conditions reaped the rewards at our last week. For instance, in discovering the most favorable ground for fishing near Sebastian Inlet and Melbourne Beach, plenty of pompano can still be had by finding clean water and distinguishable rip currents. Tidal effects contributing to the concentration of bait should be accounted for when determining casting distance. Fish the edges of rips and deeper troughs at a lower tide. If it’s not working, then adjust accordingly or fish a different tide the following day. Use knowledge and experience to isolate variables.

florida pompano

This upcoming week’s forecasted conditions look favorable. With less than ten knots of wind on the horizon for the majority of days, look for an uptick in catches. Be observant of the ebb and flow of the tide. This time of year yields trophy snook along our Central East Coast beaches. Stick
with the outline of live bait, swim bait, or suspended lures to conquer the goal. The multitude of other species shouldn’t be forgotten, either, where traditional surf rigs with Fishbites — combined with sand fleas, clam or shrimp — has been the ticket for success. This setup will keep you effectively covering the opportunities on a daily basis.

Get outside and hit the beach for a welcoming week of surf fishing local waters.