Surf Fishing Black Friday

The plan was to hit the surf early Friday morning… that was the plan. However, we enjoyed thanksgiving so much, apparently, we were not ready for it to end Thursday evening so my brother and I decided to stay up to the wee hours of the morning solving all of the world’s problems with Captain Morgan. I am confident we accomplished much more than we initially set out to do, like they say, hard work pays off. But, it made for a late go of it the next morning.

The day started with a quick stop to see Al at Man Overboard Bait & Tackle. In typical fashion, I haven’t been out to the beach to rake and blanch sand fleas lately so I was hoping Al would be stocked up, but his supplier had not been by. However, as always, Al was great and sprung into action to help us gather up the remainder of what we needed so we could quickly get on our way. With no sand fleas it was time to switch gears. Our arsenal for the day consisted of shrimp, clams, fishbites and Native Salt Clams. Let’s go fishing!

Pompano - Surf Fishing

We set up on Satellite Beach which is close to home and were able to get our lines in the water around 10:00 AM. I know there have been better reports of pompano further south around Melbourne Beach, but we were just ready to chill and see what was going on here. I would love to tell you the fishing was fast and furious, but that wasn’t the case. It was very steady for the 5 hours we spent enjoying the beautiful weather. We were fishing an outgoing tide — although I prefer incoming — but no complaints.

Dylan - Black Drum Surf Fishing

The water up-close was cloudy but you could reach cleaner water with a long cast, so that’s where my brother and I were targeting. My son was fishing with a smaller spinning combo so he was targeting the first trough where the water wasn’t as clean but the action was much better, he easily out fished us 2 to 1. With the exception of bluefish, we caught just about everything else. The days catch included pompano (caught on Native Salt Clams), lots of whiting, black drum, sheepshead, margate, palmetto and the catch of the day was my son landing a slot redfish. We brought home plenty of fish for dinner which culminated in an awesome fish fry on Sunday.

How can you not love living on the Space Coast? We have some of the best surf fishing around!