So we went to Sebastian river before the rains came, we didn’t get out early though. On the water about 10:00. We went south out of the park on Roseland rd. Once again, I didn’t do too well, only catching a few lady fish. Wife caught two nice Reds, one was really nice about 3-4lbs. I was on my way to get a picture and she had it slip out of her hands 😯.

We saw a lot of Tarpon the farther back we went. I think I hooked up with one on a top water plug but then the knot between the braid and leader gave out 😫. After that no more hits on what I threw next. I really need to figure out how to get them to bite?????

On a follow-up to our trip to EGR. Wife had a Dolphin steal a fish she was bringing into to the kayak. It came out of nowhere and hit the fish and took off and snapped the line right off. Needless to say, she was pretty shocked!