Awesome Full day Fishing, Multiple Mahis and Limiting on 10 King Macs, as well, aboard the 🔥Fire Fight with Capt Joe

We were able to take advantage of clean water on the reefs and put our clients on the fish last week. The kingfish bite was great up until a couple days ago. They are still there, but with the little uptick in wind we experienced the water got dirty and weedy which made fishing for them challenging. We were shagging weeds all day. One nice thing is that there was a really nice increase in dolphin this past week, as well. But again, the last couple of days have been tough, you really have to work for them.

We decided to switch gears and focus more on the bottom bite and it really paid off. Big AJ’s and some nice grouper had our clients all “Fired Up!” The shark bite remains really good around the beaches. Also, there is plenty of bait around. Look for birds working the corner of the bite and you should find them. Until next week, keep those lines tight!